Our Fabry Family Tree

Takeda has initiated and developed two series of films called ''Our Fabry Family Tree'', featuring real families from different countries, coping with the disease, and sharing some inspiring experiences of determination and courage.

The webisodes are intended for an international audience outside of the USA and Argentina, and have been developed in accordance with industry and legal standards to provide information for the general public about Fabry disease health topics.

Living with Fabry disease

In this first series, we meet Nicola. She is a mother of two who lives in a coastal town in England with her family. Nicola and her son Michael live with Fabry disease.

Episode 1

Genealogist Nick Barratt gets to know Nicola and speaks to her about diagnosing her 'family illness'. Together they unravel her family medical history, learning from her physician and other experts at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Episode 2

Diagnosis with a genetic disease can create a range of challenging issues and this was no different for Nicola's family. In this episode, they explore their initial reactions, some surprising even to them, and how their views of Fabry disease have changed over time.

Episode 3

The journey to diagnosis can be long and painful, but pedigree testing can help. We learn more about how family tree analysis can impact the future of Fabry disease and how Nicola and her family continue to move forward with the condition.

Searching for answers

In this second series, we meet a family from Argentina. We hear about their search for a diagnosis, the journey to track down other relatives who may be affected and the impact Fabry has had on their lives.

Episode 1

We hear from Ester how her brother, Juan Ramón, experienced pain from early childhood, which healthcare professionals struggled to explain. Eventually a nurse recognised his symptoms leading to his diagnosis.

Episode 2

We follow Ester’s journey across Argentina to discuss the disease with the rest of the family and build the family tree. We see how Juan Ramón’s Fabry disease diagnosis contributed to earlier diagnosis in the younger generation.

Episode 3

This episode takes a look into the family's hopes for the future. We also meet the healthcare professionals who have supported them along the way.

The Fabry Family Tree series have been endorsed by Patient Advocacy Groups such as Fabry International Network for the first and second series, and Fundacion Enhue for the second series.