What is a family tree and how can it help?

If a person has been diagnosed with Fabry disease, other members of their family may be at risk of having the disease as well (refer to Genetics to better understand how it is passed through generations). By looking at the person’s family members and family history, a doctor and/or genetic counsellor can map out a family tree.

What is a genetic counsellor?

Genetic counsellors are specially trained to help people affected by a genetic disorder and their family members. They provide balanced information and support to help you and your family make informed choices about your health and future.

Genetic counsellors are there to help you. They can:

A family tree analysis can help identify family members who may be at risk, so that they can consider getting tested. Even if the family member has no symptoms at present, they may develop symptoms later in life.

Getting tested for Fabry disease

Click here for some tips on how to discuss Fabry disease with your family members, and advice on the main things to tell them

Talking to your family

Click here to get a form that will allow you to draw your family tree; you can take it to your doctor for further analysis, to track Fabry disease in your family

Family tree form